Member Benefits

Your membership at Office Depot Evanston Coworking comes with so many benefits, and there are even more! Take a look at some of the perks of being a member below.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have Daily Drop Ins?  You can use a FREE One Day Pass to check out the space. How much is it for a one day drop in without the FREE offer?  $40 a day.  Do you have month-month memberships? Yes. We have Private Office, Dedicated Desk and Flexible…

FREE Parking

Don't pay extra for your Parking.  Office Depit Coworking offers FREE and convenient parking! 

App based Space Booking

Reserve Workspace, Conference Room, door access right on your phone at any time!

High Speed Internet

FAST and Reliable Internet Up to 180 mbps Consistently. Don't suffer from WIFI congestion with family members.

Store Discount Program

Office Depot® provides exclusive benefits and savings on a wide selection of products and services including: Office Essentials Cleaning and Break-room Solutions, Print & Copy Services, Furniture and Technology. Office Depot is your one-stop solution. We’ve been doing this for more than 30 years, and we’re committed to helping you…

Note: Not all benefits are available to all memberships, and all benefits are subject to availability.